I was born on 20th July 1977 in Zaporozie, Ukraine - the former republic of the USSR. My parents originate from Ivanovo, Russia and as my father was a military pilot they had to change their location several times. When I was three years old we moved to Krivoi Rog, Ukraine where at the age of seven I started secondary school. When I became 10 years old my father was appointed to become a pilot of the world's biggest cargo air plane AN-124 Ruslan, and again we had to move to the new location where these planes were based. Thus, we found ourselves in Sescha, Bryansk region of Russia, and after collapse of the Soviet Union we became Russian citizens, the country of our ethnicity. For many families in all 15 republics it was a tragedy to find out that the place they were born and grew up in, and where all the relatives are, overnight became the foreign state.

In 1994 at the age of 17 I completed the full secondary school programme that opened for me the way into higher education. Shortly after I successfully passed entry examinations and became a student of Vladimir State University where I will spend five years of my bright student life.

As the monthly university bursary at that times were far from something one could live on and my parents got divorced 2 years before I finished school I had to start work in order to make the ends meet. And by the end of the third course I started full time 12 hour night shift based work as a croupier at the local casino.

After graduating from university with the diploma of an engineer on hands in 1999 I spent one year in military service at the regiment located in Moscow. AK-47 became the best friend for the next 365 days there.

Having military service cleared, as it is an obligatory part for all male population of Russia, I started my working life. Not having a luxury of waiting when my dream job would come by and having a rent and bills to pay I had to pick up what was available at the time, subsequently aiming for more decent conditions. That way it happened that I have experience in construction, gambling business, production and technical service.

In 2006 I had an opportunity to come to the United Kingdom. Settled in Cardiff, South Wales I started work at Panasonic manufacturing UK. After two years on the microwave assembly line and the opening of the new DSE department on site (Disc Services Europe), I was promoted to permanent position withing the company in new department. Keeping in mind that life cycle of the new technologies is getting shorter and shorter I started studying IT with Computeach College. Needless to say, when DVD and Blue-Ray started struggling our department have been closed leaving thirty odd people taking redundancies.

After being made redundant I received an access to the Redundancy Action Plan funds sponsored by Welsh Government and European Union. It allowed me to finish a Web Design Specialist course taught by Pitman training.

I realise that it is a lot to learn after the course and there is the need to practice what you have learned. Fortunately, in web design unlike some other IT jobs you don't have to wait until you get employed and can create the stuff right at home. And I have started this journey with publishing of my own website www.aurorapixel.com with many projects to come.

Vladimir State University

1994 - 1999

www.vlsu.ru   Russia, 600026, Vladimir, Gor'kogo st., 87.


Specialism: Instrument engineering

Specialist subject: Instrumentation and process equipment for optical fibre equipment.

Graduation diploma project work:

Aspirating measuring condensing unit for ion meter.

Qualification: Electrical and mechanical engineer.

Computeach College

2011 - 2012

www.computeach.co.uk   Computeach Ltd., University House, Jews Lane, Dudley, Birmingham, DY3 2AH, UK

Pursuing the course of study for the CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Enterprise desktop support technician.

Following with add-on modules leading towards CompTIA Security+ in IT security and ITIL v3 Foundation in IT service management certifications.

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Parade College

2007 - 2008

The Parade ESOL Service (English for Speakers of Other Languages), The Parade Centre 28, The Parade, Cardiff, CF24 3AB, Wales.

One year English course followed by successful examinations under Cambridge University and Trinity College ESOL frameworks.

Continuous education

In reality, the above three places I would characterise as a major keystones in my education. Having a degree in engineering provided me with the ability to comprehend complicated stuff and aptitude to self-study and research.

Bringing my English to the level was a necessary and inevitable step for being able to move on.

And going into IT formed a vector for my further points of interests. An area where I can realise the creative part of myself.

Through my career I had a plenty of on the job training. Whether it have led to certifications or just been formal, it will always remain valuable and transferable.

In conclusion, I want to say that I do love studying, moreover, nothing motivates me more then having access to self-development and learning new things.

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Panasonic manufacturing UK

May 2006 - May 2013

www.pmuk.co.uk   Panasonic Manufacturing U.K. Ltd. Pentwyn Industrial Estate, Cardiff, CF23 7XB, United Kingdom

Production operator

Key achievements:       Saved operational time and costs by optimising the shop floor layout. | Involved in writing operational procedures many of which are still in use after numerous annual reviews. | Awarded gold and silver awards in European and Japanese Quality Circle Activity competitions.

  • Set up, monitoring and operating optical quality inspection and laser encryption equipment.
  • Transacting each operation stage and all materials movements on Oracle database.
  • Received goods from suppliers and prepared goods for shipping to customers.
  • Completing all accompanying documentation and check sheets.
  • Achieved Zero customer complaints.
  • Maintained Zero accidents in the department.
  • Received various Quality awards from Panasonic Japan.
  • Took an extra step of being trained as First aider and fork lift driver for the department.
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Sep 2004 - Jan 2006

SpetsStroyInsulation   Russia, 127018, Moscow, Polkovaya st, 3/6, 2 floor

Foreman. | Waterproofing, underground constructions.

Key achievements:       We were the first business to introduce new waterproofing technology in Russia. Material: FLEXIGUM, Producer:Bitum Israel. www.bitum.by Me and one more coworker had training abroad. ( Kiev, Ukraine ) | Was nominated to represent our company and the FLEXIGUM material at Moscow exhibition centre: www.expocentr.ru

  • Managed a team of five people.
  • Negotiated with subcontractors the quality and readiness of the surfaces to be waterproofed.
  • Delivered and finished all infrastructure projects on time and within budget.

Casino Karnak

Aug 2001 - Aug 2004

Russia, 600000, Vladimir, Bolshaya Moskovskaya 22.

Croupier | Gambling business.

Was dealing in all available games the casino had on offer. | Had regular secondments to our subsidiary casinos in Kazan and Rostov-on-Don.

  • Customer service.
  • Opening and closing tables.
  • American roulette dealer.
  • Blackjack dealer.
  • Various Poker games dealer.

Energomash -CHZEM (Chekhov Plant of Power Engineering)

Jan 2001 - Jul 2001

www.zavodchzem.ru Russia, 142300, Moscow region, Chekhov, Gagarina 1.

CNC machine tools repair technician.

Routine maintenance of the equipment.

Benefits of Certification

Certification assists us in making important connections in a career. We see an ad for a job opening. The ad specifies certifications we hold or describes skills contained in our certifications. We make the connection that there is a possibility of filling that job. We make connections with headhunters in the same way. We use the credibility of certification to connect with business opportunities. Certifications, in other words, intrinsically provide the link between where you are and where you want to go.

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